2020 Best quality mud brick machinery clay brick making line

Дата: 2019/9/18

    Best quality mud brick machinery     


         Best  quality mud brick machinery for brick factory  applies to clay, shale, coal gangue, fly ash, slag, mountain mud, silt, etc. as raw materials to carry out a strong mixing, vacuum processing, and then the screw auger extrusion system to produce provisions cross-section of ordinary solid bricks, hollow bricks, and other products.

2020 Best quality mud brick machinery clay brick making line

         Best quality mud brick machinery use the raw materials. 

2020 Best quality mud brick machinery clay brick making line

     Best  quality mud brick machinery produce different bricks. 

 2020 Best quality mud brick machinery clay brick making line


   Best  quality mud brick machinery 


      Best  quality mud brick machinery main body is made from cast iron,main shaft and bearings one-time processing,good stability and long life service.


1)harden surface gear of   Best  quality mud brick machinery was adopted in reducer, clutch are a component with own patent,without any shaking during working, even the extruder can working normal without foundation bolts.


 2)the steel material of shafts and gears in mud brick machinery are adopt high quality carbon steel and alloy steel, the key parts are quenched and tempered treated so as to extend  fly ash bricks making machine life.


 3)The spiral cut reamer of  Best quality extuder mud brick machinery adopt wear-resistance metal spray painting technology; The upper stage mixing shaft, the cut reamer big shaft, the up-down body etc. are all passed the aging, quenching and tempering process.


4)  Best  quality extruder mud brick machinery features with simple and compact structure, reasonable design, strong applicabilty, lower energy consumption, and high efficiency.  the equipment can work steadily without installing of foundation bolts.


1. Technical specification 

    Best quality Extruder mud brick machinery 



Production capacity (pieces/h)

10,000~20,000 pieces (standard brick)

Extrusion pressure (Mpa)


Required power (KW)

Upper stage: Y280M-6-45

Lower stage: Y315M-6-90

Vacuum pressure


Main shaft speed (rpm)

Upper stage: 38rpm

Lower stage: 25rpm

Shaping moisture content (wet basis %)

16 ~ 20

Raw material plasticity index

7 ~ 15

Required reducer

Upper stage: ZLY600D i=10.89

Lower stage: ZLY960B i=15.95

Required V-belt

Upper stage: 7-SPB-4700


Low stage: 9-SPC-5500

Required vacuum pump (water circulation type)

2SK ~ 6 ~ 2SK-12

Required electric motor

Y15 ~ 22KW

Overall dimension mm length × width × height



 2.spare parts for good quality   Best quality   Extruder mud brick machinery 

1)  clay plate for clay brick machinery  


 2) Best  quality extruder augers for mud brick machinery  


3)  Best  quality extruder mould for mud brick machinery   


 2020 Best quality mud brick machinery clay brick making line

4)   Best  quality extruder air clutch for mud brick machinery 


        baoshen good quality clay brick machinery company not only provides customer with various fully automatic  Best  quality extruder mud brick machinery,but also provides services like brick making process design of solid brick &hollow brick,brick kiln design and build,brick dryer design and build,brick factory turn key project contract.our company shipping many clay brick machinery to different countries every year.


clay brick production line: 

   Best  quality Extruder mud brick machinery,clay brick production line 

    The brick factory including fully automatic mud brick machinery for shaping, brick dryer(small tunnel dryer & chamber dryer) for drying and brick kiln (hoffman kiln&tunnel kiln)for firing.


 Good quality autmatic Brick making machine , Best quality mud Brick machinery including:



mud brick Machinery


Box feeder


Belt conveyor


Primary roll crusher


Belt conveyor


Double shaft mixer


Belt conveyor


High speed roll crusher


Belt conveyor


Double shaft mixer


Belt conveyor


Double stage de-airing extruder


Vacuum pump


Air compressor


Auto brick cutting system


Belt conveyor (waste brick return to mixer)


Control panels


V Belt


Spare parts






clay brick making process: 

    Best  quality Extruder mud brick machinery for brick making process,including many diferent clay brick machinery.


1.taking clay with box feeder ,use belt conveyor to carry clay to roller crusher to crush under 5 mm.



2.crushing clay under 5 mm,with belt conveyor to carry clay to double shaft mixer to mix clay.and then use fineness roller crusher to crush clay under 3 mm.



3.after fineness roller crusher,the clay is under 3 mm.use beld conveyor to carry clay to extrusion mixer to mix again,which to enhance the plasticity to make good brick.and then extruding wet column brick with  Best  quality extruder clay brick machinery.



4.after extruding wet column brick,cutting column brick under 1.0-1.5 m,use the automatic brick cutter to cut piece brick.with different capacity.


     Our company  can not only provide various good quality fully automatic Best  quality extruder mud brick machinery, install clay brick machinery,commossioning.but also provide services like process design, brick dryer for drying and brick kiln (hoffman kiln&tunnel kiln)for firing.We have successively shipping automatic  Best quality Extruder mud brick machinery,built brick dryer,hoffman kiln of clay brick production line in India, Bangladesh, South Africa etc.


After sale:


1.Being responsible for production line design, installation, debugging and worker training.


2.supply technical instruction for the foundation, brick dryer,kiln building etc.


3.providing technical support and after sales service at the most speedy manner.


4.Training the factory worker for machine maintenance, operation skill.


5.provide all Best quality clay brick machinery for making wet bricks,such as box feeder,roll crusher,clay mixer,  Best  quality extruder,automatic brick cutter ,etc.


6.provide all clay brick machines for dryer,hoffman kiln and tunnel kiln.

2020 Best quality mud brick machinery clay brick making line







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